Zing Drone Delivery Joins BEYOND Program: Like Uber, for Drone Delivery [VIDEO]


The Zing drone delivery platform offers a new application for a proven system.  Companies like Uber and Lyft have already proven the value of peer to peer networks in the transportation industry.  With an app for pilots and one for consumers, Zing is developing the peer to peer business model for drone delivery.  Drone delivery has been slow to scale: still limited primarily to experimental projects with specialized drones. The Zing drone delivery platform, using an existing network of Part 107 pilots and their ubiquitous DJI commercial, off the shelf (COTS) drones, could spread drone delivery across the country – fast.

Zing has made amazing progress in a short time.  Launched by the Kickstarter campaign in February 2019, the company integrated AirMap into their platform for airspace intelligence a few months later, offered their platform for the public beta, and executed their first flight by June of that year.  With their participation in BEYOND, Zing drone delivery joins major players in the drone industry with an idea that could bring drone delivery to a neighborhood near you.


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