Very High Resolution (VHR) Satellite Imagery From CloudFerro


Thanks to a recently signed agreement with Chinese operator CG Satellite, CloudFerro now provides satellite images and videos in very high resolution. They are taken both night and day. Cloud Ferro also provides an infrastructure in the form of cloud services. 

The image archive covers pictures from 2016 onwards. New images are regularly shared. Cloud Ferro is a Polish provider of cloud services, specializing in providing cloud computing services. It is also the operator of cloud platforms providing earth observation satellite images. „We are proud to extend our offer with very high-resolution images. They are from CG Satellite’s Jilin-1 constellation of satellites, which are able to take both pictures and 4K video. Our customers can use them successfully for various types of mapping, environmental monitoring, forest management, energy, mining, and land planning, as well as for risk assessment in the insurance and banking industry”, explains Przemysław Mujta, CloudFerro Technical Sales Support Manager. „The resolution of the images provided by CG Satellite is up to 72 cm. This opens up completely new possibilities of using this data in object recognition and identifying changes in objects with very high accuracy”, he adds.

Users can take advantage of several options. Image archive — products available in the archive are from 2016 to the present day. Planned pictures — pictures from the flights planned by the customer, according to the specifications. Video clips — recording 30 and 60 seconds 4K videos of the indicated area. All these images are available in spatial resolution in panchromatic version— 0.72 m, multispectral — 2.88 m and video clips — 0.72 m.


Cloud Services

CloudFerro also provides an infrastructure in the form of cloud services. They will allow users to perform their analyses without having to deal with infrastructure complexity. Within a single environment, companies receive both high-resolution photos and video and the processing power they need. This way, they can focus on achieving their business goals. Several European firms and scientific institutions which process big data use CloudFerro’s services. They come from various market sectors and include the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), Mercator Ocean International, German Aerospace Centre (DLR), the EGI, and others.


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