Valqari Delivers The Goods With New Drone Delivery Station


Chicago drone delivery startup Valqari recently launched what the company calls its “largest solution to date.”

The Drone Delivery Station is a UAS landing solution with six separate storage units to accommodate multiple deliveries or pickups.

Valqari press release, the platform is another addition to a product roster that “solved the last-inch logistics problem with its patented universal drone delivery infrastructure.”

The Station is entirely drone agnostic and enables a fully autonomous point-to-point delivery to provide a universal location for drone deliveries and pick-ups up to 25 pounds. The station maintains a digital chain of custody throughout the entire process to give help keep packages secure until retrieval.

The station can also accept a variety of parcels, including winched packages, hover-dropped packages. In addition, pickups and deliveries can be completed via landed drones and traditional methods.


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