The Enemies Of Kogi State


    Finally, the Enemies of our Beloved State have been uncovered.

    Over the years, Partisan politics has been one of the greatest enemies of our beloved State. People tend to vote Political Parties to remain in power, not putting into consideration if the incumbent leaders did serve the people diligently and honestly. Neither do they consider if the incoming leaders have the pedigree to serve effectively.

    Buying and selling of votes just to ensure the Party has access to control the state treasury, giving them an avenue to embezzle and loot as much as they can. This, in the long run, tends to give birth to Dictatorship by the Party/Leaders elected.

    Dictatorship suppresses Freedom of the thought and speech of the people, our God-given Rights, dear brothers and sisters. This is a ”Notable” Enemy of our state, having no regard for the welfare of the people.

    They prioritize Self-enrichment, Public embezzlement of Funds and Amenities.”Nowadays, the payment of salaries is seen as an achievement rather than the responsibility of our leaders”. The Dictatorship also inhibits other social vices like Thuggery, Kidnapping, Robbery, Insecurity, Corruption and so on.

    Ignorance has denied us our power, its high time we realized that power belongs to the people, We (the Kogites) choose who we desire to lead us. We don’t need anybody to impose a leader on us anymore.

    Brothers and Sisters, the Government, Senates, HOR, Security Agencies… they work for us, our taxes pay Bills. Let’s get rid of these Power Mongers who assume that we are still ignorant of the understanding that the power to choose belongs to us.

    Our Beloved State is been reaped apart from within by these Devices and their Operators/Promoters/Partronizers

    For our Beautiful State to defeat these Enemies, we need to put our foot on the ground against Dictatorship, Partisan Politics, Corruption, Power Mongers/Inheritance.

    We say NO! to them all and YES! to Democracy, YES!! to Unity, YES!!! to Accountability, YES!!!! to Government of the People, by the People and for the People in our Beloved State.

    Kogi must be great again!!!


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