Location Tech Startup Targomo Launches New API Portfolio


Location intelligence startup Targomo has launched a new API portfolio and pricing. Targomo is a specialist in highly precise travel time calculations and complex geospatial scenarios. The new portfolio offers a full spectrum of developer tools to improve map applications. It consists of 10 location APIs ranging from basic map functions to advanced location analytics.

All APIs are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. When used for publicly accessible applications, developers get a free credit worth 300 Euros per month. “Many of our users want to try out multiple location APIs to enhance their map applications, but have faced limitations when tied to a specific plan. However, now there are no more usage restrictions or upgrade barriers, so people can start experimenting,” Targomo’s CEO Patrick Schoenemann explained.

The APIs, which can be accessed through a single API key, are divided into the three categories ‘Create’, ‘Analyze’, and ‘Navigate’:

  • Through APIs in the ‘Create’ category, developers can build customized maps and add points of interest (POI) as well as statistics layers  
  • In the ‘Analyze’ category, Targomo’s APIs come with a precise routing, allowing users to create isochrones and quantify statistics as well as POIs 
  • The ‘Navigate’ category offers APIs that can be used to calculate and display travel paths to different destinations. They further can be of help to dispatchers, who have to quickly find the best route combinations for multi-vehicle and multi-destination scenarios 

Targomo’s APIs are used globally, most prominently by real estate, retail, and public sector organizations. Leading Real Estate platforms in Europe such as Seloger or Funda are enhancing their search functions with Targomo by allowing users to incorporate travel time into their search. Delivery services use Targomo’s technology to calculate and optimize delivery routes, and municipalities use reachability analyses to improve their understanding of urban mobility.


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