Just In: Rapists Explains Reasons For Thier Action To Police


A gang of three rapists who were recently arrested by Police in Niger State has confessed that they indulge in the act of raping ladies because they don’t have money to keep girlfriends and cannot afford to have constant sex.

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According to them, raping ladies is free since it does not cost them money after raping them.

One of the rapists, Shafii Isah, 20 in a chat with our Crime reporter in Minna, Niger State said they have been in the act for the past two years.

“We have been in the act of gangraping for the past two years; it does not cost us money but only to identify our victim and plan on how to rape her.

“We are street boys, we don’t have any means of livelihood and we move from one village to another looking for whom to rape since we have no money to give to girls after sex. We don’t hire any restroom for the act but only look for a hidden place where people will not see us and carry out our activities,” he confessed.


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