Just In: Angry Driver Apologized For Beating Up Bobrisky


The angry driver who fought and beat up Bobrisky in Lagos traffic on Monday has shared his own side of the story in a video as he apologizes to Bobrisky.

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In his words ” What happened today was just a little misunderstanding between me and Bobrisky, Sorry for everything…”

However, Bobrisky refused to accept the apology, saying that the man must sleepover in the cell for bashing his new Range Rover, damaging his iPhone11 and assaulting him.

In a statement Bobrisky posted on Instagram, he refused to accept that the incident was a little misunderstanding.

He Wrote:

“It’s wasn’t a little misunderstanding… if truly it was misunderstanding I should have let you go in peace. But trouble sat on it own you went to pull it.

“And I’m happy I gave it to you hard. Next time !!!! When you meet people you don’t know you will calm down and know who they are.

“As about 5.17 pm I was driving to a meeting when dis man bashed my car from behind. Mistakes happen, but what got me so mad was when dis ugly man said what can I do to him after hitting my car…. ahhhhh I was shocked. I was trying to record his stupidity when he was saying what can I do.

“The next thing I saw was the hit my iPhone 11 max too. I got so mad I ran into his car to collect his phone and his car key Only for him to run after me to collect his phone and car key from me.

I fought him like I was on something…. at some point, I didn’t even care to see people recording. I was mad. Your apology might be accepted but you must sleepover in that cell.

Then tomorrow you will get me a new phone 1phone 11 max and fix my car. I might be calm and nice. But I don’t take nonsense from any motherfucker.”


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