Hydrosat partners with Loft Orbital to create a thermal Infrared map of Earth


Geospatial data and analytics company Hydrosat has announced an agreement with Loft Orbital to launch its first satellite mission for creating a thermal infrared map of Earth, by early 2022.

This will be Hydrosat’s first multi-spectral infrared mission, called VanZyl-1, and will be launched on Loft Orbital’s YAM-6 spacecraft, carried by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, reported SpaceNews.

According to Hydrosat CEO Pieter Fossel, this would be the first commercial Space-based thermal imagery satellite constellation that can measure temperature, along with tracking water stress, assessing wildfire risk, and assisting in agricultural monitoring.

Based out of Washington, Hyrdosat was founded in 2017 to provide Geospatial data to both commercial and government players. Loft Orbital, also founded in 2017, is based out of San Francisco and offers microsatellite missions as a service by integrating customer payloads with standard satellite buses and mission operations software.


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