FLIR’s New Sensor Module Hadron™ a Drone Industry First


FLIR’s new sensor module Hadron™ is a lightweight, compact, and low power – a thermal and visible sensor module ideal for small drones.  Hadron is ideal for drone manufacturers, too, offering out of the box integration.

Designed to help reduce development costs and improve time-to-market, the lightweight, low power, and compact form factor includes a 12-megapixel visible camera paired with the FLIR Boson® 320×240 resolution thermal camera with up to a 60-hertz framerate,” says a press release.

“With the introduction of Hadron, FLIR Systems is leading the way in offering low-cost, dual-sensor integration across a variety of industries from commercial drones to industrial imaging systems,” said Paul Clayton, General Manager, Components Business at FLIR. “Although our unmanned aerial system (UAS) customers are first to market with Hadron, this product empowers all of our OEM customers to increase performance with out-of-the-box functionality and simplified integration.”

Developed with Drone Manufacturers

FLIR worked with drone manufacturers Vantage Robotics and Teal Drones to develop the Hadron, ensuring that it’s ideal for use on lightweight drone airframes.


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