DroneShield Drone Detection Tech Trialed At a European Airport


After a string of incidents involving suspicious drones at European airports in recent years, DroneShield has announced the successful trial of its DroneSentinel technology at a European airport.

The trial was managed by Deutsche Telekom and took place at an undisclosed “mid-tier European airport”.

DroneSentinel is an integrated drone detection solution, certified by the UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

It offers the fully integrated sensor suite of the company’s DroneSentry without the DroneCannon RF countermeasure capability.

The company said that the trial is expected to substantially shape the requirements for a large multi-million European airport tender expected to be released prior to year-end.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented: “Airport market is a key segment for DroneShield, following high profile drone-related disruptions such as that has taken place at Gatwick Airport.

“We are now seeing airports, in particular in Europe, mobilizing their procurement selection processes towards wide roll-outs of counter-drone systems.

“Each individual airport deployment is worth up to a multi-million dollar contract, including upfront and ongoing subscription payments, depending on the airport size and protection requirements. This successful trial forms a critical part of those selection processes.”


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