DJI EP Core Launches Educational Robot System


Drone giant DJI today unveiled the RoboMaster EP Core, an all-in-one classroom solution that includes an educational robot.

The first product of DJI Education, the new offering sports hardware capabilities, supplemental teaching materials, and a competition database to introduce students to AI, engineering, programming, and robotics.

“Built to help instructors teach in an engaging, hands-on way, EP Core is equipped with high-performance mechanical accessories like a robotic arm, gripper, wheels, and armors which can be programmed and controlled for a variety of fun tasks,” a DJI release stated.

“With multiple ports, EP Core supports third-party accessories for customization, including smart sensors and single-board computers. With well-rounded and thorough teaching resources and a competition database that is continually updated, EP Core expands the boundaries for easy and engaging education in AI, engineering, programming, and robotics.”

“At DJI Education, we strive to continue to be at the forefront of education innovation. It’s key for us to invest in the next generation of tech innovators by entering the education market supporting and providing tools at a pivotal age,” said Jianrong Gao, head of DJI Education. “The Robomaster EP Core was designed with both the experiences of instructor and student in mind to ensure engagement around STEAM topics, including artificial intelligence, robotics, programming, and other cutting-edge science and technology.”

The EP Core is modular and expandable – including a baseplate compatible with third-party hardware like Lego blocks. The product supports up to 39 programmable components, allowing students to use streaming data from sensor modules, video, and audio to program AI applications.

Students can also collect attitude and video streaming data, performing computer-based deep learning practices such as data analysis, model training, and scene recognition. Using an infrared depth sensor, the module can receive information on an obstacle’s distance in relation to EP Core while initiating obstacle avoidance during autonomous driving.

DJI also manufactures a Software Development Kit (SDK) available on the robot, with 39 programmable sensor ports. The kit includes multiple control interfaces for various embedded and extension modules as well as multiple output interfaces for video and audio streams to expand hardware possibilities.


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