Coronavirus: Nigeria’s Tally At 190, Buhari Briefed, Lockdown ‘Brutality’ Criticized


Nigeria’s case tally update as of April 3 stood at 190 according to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC. Six new cases in Osun brought their tally to 20 with 98 in Lagos and 38 in Abuja. Twenty have been discharged with two deaths.

President Buhari was on Thursday briefed by a finance team on the implications of the coronavirus on the economy. The president received among others, the Minister of Finance, the Central Bank governor, Minister of Petroleum Resources and head of the national petroleum body, NNPC.

Daughter of the president Hanan Buhari was also cleared after entering quarantine when she returned from the United Kingdom two weeks ago. Her mother tweeted that she had finally rejoined the family on Thursday evening.

The incidence of security forces abusing people while enforcing the lockdown has been criticized by rights group Amnesty International. The group is urging security agencies not to “abuse their powers” when it comes to enforcing movement restrictions in parts of the country.

The army has asked people to report excesses by its men by providing contacts via its social media handles. The police chief also warned officers to behave “humanely, tactfully and professionally”, stressing that conduct of officers would be monitored closely.

190 confirmed cases
20 discharged
2 deaths

For a breakdown of cases by states

Lagos- 98
FCT- 38
Osun- 20
Oyo- 8
Akwa Ibom- 5
Ogun- 4
Edo- 4
Kaduna- 4
Bauchi- 3
Enugu- 2
Ekiti- 2
Benue- 1

When literary giant and Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka criticized the federal government for imposing a lockdown on two states and Abuja, there was a Twitter debate as to his locus in the issue whiles maintaining that he reserved the right to his opinions.

The presidency responded to Soyinka’s critique in a press statement signed by Buhari’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu.

Part of the statement read: “Prof Soyinka is not a medical professor. His qualifications are in English literature, and his prizes are for writing books, and plays for the theatre. He is of course entitled to his opinions… but they cannot – and should not – be judged as professional expertise in this matter.”

The statement went on to cite how lockdowns in these times have become a key measure employed strategically by governments in the interest of public interest and health.

“Perhaps Wole Soyinka may write a play on the coronavirus pandemic after this emergency is over. In the meantime, we ask the people of Nigeria to trust the words of our doctors and scientists – and not fiction writers – at this time of national crisis,” the statement concluded.

Nigeria’s case tally update as of April 1: Twenty-three new cases reported; 9 in Lagos, 7 in the FCT (Abuja), 5 in Akwa Ibom, 1 in Kaduna and 1 in Bauchi State. As of 08:00 pm 1st April, there are 174 confirmed cases. Nine have been discharged with two deaths

The Nigeria Disease Control Center has meanwhile acknowledged receipt of a coronavirus donation by CEO of Ali Baba, Jack Ma. The NCDC has since allocated the package to all states across the country.


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