CloudFerro Awarded The First Polish-German Economic Award For The CODE-DE Project


CloudFerro has received the First Economic Award from the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce for implementing CODE-DE platform in a cloud environment commissioned by the German Space Agency DLR.

CODE-DE is a platform that provides access and processing of Earth observation data for Germany under the Copernicus program. It currently offers over 18 PB (petabytes) of data from the Sentinel and Landsat satellites that can be processed directly in the cloud environment. The platform has been developed, implemented, and is now operated by a Polish company CloudFerro.

The CEO of CloudFerro, Maciej Krzyżanowski said “The Economic Award from the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce is a great honour for us. Especially that it concerns technologically advanced services, in particular the implementation and operation of cloud computing for one of the largest space agencies in Europe. The winning of a DLR tender itself where we faced a really strong international competition and then the implementation of the cloud infrastructure project for the CODE-DE platform was a great ennoblement for us.” He added “The Economic Award from the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce is an additional confirmation of the high competences of the entire CloudFerro team involved in the project.”

The project for which CloudFerro was nominated for the award is the implementation of a contract worth over EUR 5 million for the design, construction and development of a new cloud computing for the CODE-DE platform. It offers German public, scientific and economic entities access to satellite data and its derivatives under the European Copernicus program with the possibility of their processing in cloud computing. The company won the tender in 2019.

For the purpose of implementing the project for DLR, we created a new data centre in Germany, thanks to which the CODE-DE data is stored locally and meets the high DLR security requirements. We will implement the CODE-DE platform until 2022, with the possibility of extending the contract. We hope that the experience from the CODE-DE project will result in cooperation with other institutions and companies on the German market and in other countries. – says Maciej Krzyżanowski.

The Polish-German Economic Award was granted for the first time, and the competition was organized as part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Poland). The Chamber invited to the competition companies that operate on the Polish-German market and have recently achieved a particular success.


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