Audi Implements Drone Vehicle Location System At German Facility

Steffen Conrad, project manager in the innovation management area monitors the drone, which autonomously flies over the shipping areas at the Neckarsulm site.

German car manufacturer Audi is utilizing a drone vehicle location system at one of its manufacturing facilities, the company revealed.

The Neckarsulm site in its native Germany uses an autonomous drone to fly over the vehicle dispatch site.

The drone used is a custom-designed autonomous hexacopter. Four Audi employees have been trained and have the necessary drone license.

The drone uses GPS and RFID technology to identify and save the exact position of all vehicles it flew over.

Audi then uses this information in planning the completion and delivery of the vehicles.

Many different Audi models roll off the lines at the Neckarsulm site every day, including the A4 Sedan, the A5 Cabriolet, the A6, the A7, and the A8 and R8.

Steffen Conrad, project manager in innovation management at the site, said: “The fast locating of the vehicles creates even higher process quality and is a further stepping stone on the path to digital production.

“The drone provides support from a completely new perspective. We will now share our experiences with other Audi sites and within the VW Group.”

The pilot project is currently being transferred to permanent series testing, during which the experts at the Neckarsulm site will gather further experience.


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