AirMap Defense Group: AirMap Develops New Unit to Supply U.S. DoD


AirMap is a major name in the industry and has been a leader in airspace intelligence and UTM for several years.  While the company started out offering one of the first airspace intelligence apps to consumers, in recent years they’ve expanded to focus on the enterprise market and unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems.  Now, AirMap announces AirMap Defense Group (ADG), “a new business unit providing mission-critical technologies to the defense and security markets,” says a company press release.

AirMap isn’t moving away from the enterprise – rather, they’re optimizing their offerings to meet the needs of the defense market.   “AirMap Defense Group creates dual-use technologies for commercial and national defense use. It is responsible for AirMap’s DoD projects, including the AirMap AirBoss platform, which provides a tactical intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) solution for small quadcopters,” says the release.

“AirMap Defense Group is proud to supply the DoD with drone technology that serves numerous defense use cases,” said Larry Berkin, AirMap’s Executive Vice President of Business and Corporate Development and GM of the AirMap Defense Group. “Mission planning and image capture, two of AirMap’s core capabilities, are vital building blocks of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) tools that troops can use to gather critical intelligence and conduct safe operations.”

“Using American-built technologies, ADG tailors AirMap’s innovative commercial systems for the public sector, with a focus on improving critical DoD operations,” said Berkin.

A newly formed ADG Advisory Council will provide strategic guidance to the new unit. The founding members of the Advisory Council are:

  • General Robert B. Neller (Retired), who served as the 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps and commanded Platoon through Service HQs as a career Infantry Officer.
  • Major General George B. Harrison (Retired), former commander of the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center at Kirtland Air Force Base.
  • Colonel Edward G. “Edge” Gibbons (Retired), former US Army Infantry Officer who served in the 82nd Airborne Division, the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized), and the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized).

“I am honored to welcome this esteemed group of distinguished veterans to our advisory council,” said Larry Berkin. “They bring extensive knowledge that will guide ADG’s strategic direction.”


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