About Us

We are Voice of Kogite Unmanned Systems. We live in a connected digital world, where things such as drones, Satellite and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are not just the domain of the west and/or wealthy but tools for liberation and boosting intellectual capability of the youths and the world at large. We have already seen Kogi State embrace the high tech world, even leading the way in areas such as mobile money & telecommunications. We here at VOK Unmanned believe that with imagination, innovation and hard work Kogi State can be a world leader in both the application and creation of many of the technologies of the future.

Our Mission

Empowering the youth both at home and in diaspora through this dedicated online media platform that will constantly chart the way forward on Drone integration, satellite usage and GIS into the massive industrial day to day operation within Kogi State. It is our mandate through active collaboration with academia, government institution, industries and international partners to build a bespoke robust multi-rotor drone system with interchangeable payload that will be adopted specifically for use in the emerging Kogi cotton farming project and other large scale agricultural activities within the state. This initiative will furthermore build a bonding between the government and the populace and further enhance internal security coordination and monitoring within the state using drones.