5 Things You Should Know From Vector’s Reply To M.I Diss


In the early hours of October 11, 2019, Nigerian rapper, Vector Tha Viper again stirred the conversation. He replied ‘The Viper,’ M.I. Abaga’s diss to him which was released on October 5, 2019.

came after Vector had released ‘The Purge’ which were diss tracks to M.I. Abaga. With those tracks, Vector finally took the first direct shot at M.I, a response to M.I’s sub on ‘Martell Cypher: The Purification,’ that, “When you’re ready it will be a seismic event.”

On what is already the fourth track dedicated to this beef, Vector started by proclaiming himself, “The only number one (rapper) from the 234 (Nigeria)…” Another thing is also smart, Vector’s title, ‘Judas The Right.’

M.I Abaga’s name is name is ‘Jude,’ and all things point to M.I’s EP being titled, ‘Tribe of Judah.’ The bible references continue; instead of M.I taking pride in the name of ‘Jesus,’ who is the ‘lion of the tribe of Judah,’ Vector made him ‘Judas,’ the guy who betrayed Jesus.

The beat is the best Vector has jumped on since this beef started. The beef also carries a caption from, Ecclesiastes 10:8, “He that breakesth an edge, a serpent shall bite him…

Jesse Jagz is Jesse Abaga, M.I Abaga’s brother. Their father is also a Church person. In June 2013, Jesse Jagz exited Chocolate City to go form Jagz Nation. While away, he made his albums, Jagz Nation Vol. 1 and Vol. II. He also won Lyricist on the Roll at The Headies.

He came back to Chocolate City in 2015, but things have been quiet since then. Last time we heard of him, people said he was on a mountain creating music. Nonetheless, he gave rapper, Hotyce a dope hook on album, RedHotyce Vol. I.

On the matter, Vector rapped, “Jesse Jagz you’re my buddy, I couldn’t do this in a hurry but the truth about your brother’s been blurry… Your brother was such a gift you wrapped away from the light. I mean you claim helping people who are struggling to make it, hmm, well Jesse is struggling to make it.

“You dey Lagos, you dey floss, Chairman sir, you na boss. But your brother went from Lagos to Ondo then to Jos…”

Since M.I Abaga claimed Vector did his cousin dirty, Vector has claimed that M.I Abaga threw his own brother, Jesse Jagz out of the Choc City house. Papa Abaga, chilling in Jos, Nigeria and doing great also copped shots, “But since your Big Brother evicting him is part of the game. You didn’t care about your father, the one you both share his name…”

Vector also claims that M.I has not been following the way his father taught him.

He then addressed the M.I’s claim on AQ, “The next one I did a feature with, trended years ago. Still mentioned it in a tweet, and it trended on the go. So what am I supposed to do? sign a man I wouldn’t sign?” Vector is making reference to ‘Distractions.’ The track Vector and AQ collaborated on in 2013 – it was diss to Reminisce.

Vector then commended Blaqbonez and shaded AQ, “Think about it, the only light in the story is Blaq.”

Hennessy: Putting people on, M.I had Hennessy first

When Vector rapped, “Who are the rappers that I put on? Many more plus two our of your three…” He was talking about AQ and Blaqbonez.

The he rapped, “Is it the Lord’s way to only act when you make gain… How many rappers have you supported without making any gain… And I didn’t sign anything, I did it all for free … I’ve given more rappers shine, than you ever will try… 

With this, Vector makes references to Hennessy Cyphers. While rappers had exposure, reports claim that rappers were not paid for those cyphers until 2019.


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